gympunisher.com is dedicated to those people who hit the gym day in, day out to improve their bodies, their health and their well-being through bodybuilding, fitness and good nutrition. They are the “gym punisher”!
The aim of the Gym Punisher Discussion Forums is to allow as many people as possible the opportunity to participate in friendly discussions of bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition topics by providing a fair and neutral space that all participants and visitors will find of value through the information exchange.

The internet has had a huge impact on the bodybuilding and fitness industry from the instantaneous interaction we can have with like minded people all over the world to content being accessible to anyone and everyone. We live in a world where we have never been more connected and influenced by social media. We have so much information readily available and it has opened incredible opportunities for branding and self-promotion, support networks, and research.

gympunisher.com forums allow people to take full advantage of this plethora of information and to tell their own stories while easily including images, videos and information from all the major social media platforms and websites. For example, just by copying a social media link into our forum editor the system automatically embeds the entire social media post or video for your use. Also, unlike other social medium platforms our discussion forums provide a considered structure of popular bodybuilding and fitness discussion topics which are easily accessed!

gympunisher.com brings a fresh outlook to forum activity and we are sure that all users will find it to be a compelling experience.


We provide anonymity for our participants by allowing them to register with a pseudo(pretend) name which is very important in today’s online world.  By default, visitors are restricted by system wide settings as to what they can see without participants explicitly setting anything.

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